Sunday, March 23, 2008

Risen Indeed!

It has been a great Lord's Day today on Resurrection Sunday. The other side of the cross is a place of victory for Jesus and then for those that prove His resurrection power in their lives. This victory is ours to claim and act upon.

I hope that each believer that reads this will realize what Christ raising from the dead means in their life. There is victory over temptation. There is power to break the domination of sin over your body. There is hope in the midst of sickness that we will receive new bodies. There is hope in the middle of discouragement that we will be glorified as Christ is glorified.

I want to live with Paul to know Him and the Power of His resurrection. Will you pursue that knowledge also? His death and resurrection are real. There is power for your life because He is risen!

The Lord bless and keep you,


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